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Wicklow Movies was setup by Denzil Lacey in 2014 with the intention to help visitors and residents of Wicklow discover the Hollywood of Europe. Wicklow Movies is not funded Рwe purely run the site to increase tourism and knowledge of movies filmed in the Garden county.

We have listed the exact location of movies filmed in the Wicklow Area over the past fifty years and have included as much detail and shoot photos as possible. We always update Wicklow Movies with Wicklow Movie Locations

If you know of a location that we have not listed yet, send us an email and we will research and list it for the rest of the community. E-Mail: movies@wicklowmovies.ie and we will credit you on the page. If you want to use content on this website for your own – please give credit to our website address, we have put a lot of hours to ensure all content is accurate and reliable.

We have worked closely with the Wicklow Film Commission and Visit Wicklow to include great detail about the various movies, drives and information.

Loch Tay| Wicklow Movies - www.wicklowmovies.ie

Loch Tay

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